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Kay'La Lillard is not your average millionaire homemaker. In fact, many would consider this mother of three, business owner, real estate investor and Capella University graduate to be an All-Star all by herself. Currently studying for her doctorate of nurse practitioners program at the University of Portland, Kay'La Hanson still takes pride in the personal attention she gave to her patients when she worked full-time as an licensed and registered intensive care unit nurse. Kay’La was consistently praised for the one on one attention and foot massages she gave to her patients. While working in healthcare leadership for six years, she developed a duality for service and entrepreneurship. 

Despite being humble and eager to serve others, Kay’La is no stranger to being in recognized in the media. Her nail salon, DIPPED, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, was recently featured on local news station KOIN, as a highly recommended gift for mothers on Mother’s Day. Established in 2019, DIPPED offers an array of beauty services inclusive of manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancement services. Motivated to set and achieve her own personal goals, this beauty boss is focused on her latest venture, KASICS. While taking care of her fiance’, three year old son and newborn twins, Kay'La formulated KASICS and tested it over and over. Set to launch virtually in the summer of 2021, KASICS is all about getting Back to Basics by Keeping it KASICS. 

“It was only a matter of time before I started making products for my firstborn, '' explains Kay'La Hanson. “When I was younger, my sister and I made hair oils, gels, and even conditioners using kitchen products. Being biracial of Black and Puerto Rican descent, we needed products that were made specifically for us, and my mom didn’t always know what to buy.”  Fast forward to 2018, although Kay'La Hanson was buying high-end luxury products, she noticed that her first born, Damian Lillard, Junior, was still experiencing breakouts and dry spots. Fascinated with formula-honest products that actually deliver results, Kay'La Hanson went back to the basics and began mixing raw ingredients by hand like she did decades ago. This time unofficially launching KASICS. “The chemicals were harsh on my son’s skin. To make matters worse, I didn’t feel comfortable using an all in one to wash his body and his hair, so I made a kid-friendly funfetti body wash. Then I made a hydrating cleansing conditioner to clean his hair. The difference was undeniable,” recalls Kay’La. 

"The Only Thing You Can Control in Life... 
Is How You Respond to Life!"

To accommodate her son’s unique skin care needs, Hanson also concocted body balms, butters and soaps. Eventually her family members and close friends began using KASICS on themselves and their children; and positive product reviews quickly spread in Portland. Using quality raw ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, turmeric, herbs, flowers and other plant parts, KASICS is great for sensitive skin, cradle cap, eczema, and even sports injury relief. When Kay'La Hanson’s fiance', NBA All-Star Damian Lillard, began sharing his CBD infused KASICS moisturizing body Balms with fellow teammates and staff, it was time to go to market. “I watched Kay’La remain focused and motivated during quarantine,” remarks Lillard. “She juggled a lot with me being in the bubble. Even while taking care of our home, our babies and our affairs, her tenacity and dedication to being independent is unmatched.”    Kay'La Hanson is still inspired by her single mom’s work ethic to this today. “My mom was graduating college while I was graduating high school. She was a great example to me, and I want to be the same to my family,” shares Kay’La. The KASICS products are available online at and at DIPPED Nail Salon located at 144 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97034.